The profession of office administrator

An office administrator is an employee who ensures the smooth operation of an office and oversees all processes related to its functioning. The profession of office administrator is relatively new, but, nevertheless, is quite in demand - this vacancy is often opened even by companies with a small number of employees.

Places of work

The position of office administrator is in demand in many commercial and government organizations with a variety of activities.

Office administrator responsibilities

The functions of an office administrator may vary from company to company, but the basic ones are as follows:

  • Meeting office visitors.
  • Organizing meetings and briefings.
  • Providing office staff with everything they need for their work.
  • Controlling expenses for office needs.
  • Receiving calls, registering correspondence.
  • Distributing documents to departments.

Additional job duties of the office administrator may include the implementation of minor, often personal, requests and instructions from management.

Requirements for an office administrator

The main requirements for an office administrator are:

  • Administrative and housekeeping skills.
  • Knowledge of the basics of office administration.
  • Knowledge of business ethics.
  • Knowledge of the PC and office equipment.
  • Good language.
  • Presentable appearance.

How to become an office administrator

There is no special education for the office administrator. Most often, employers, choosing an employee for this position, give preference to applicants with higher education in the humanities and high communication skills. To increase your chances of employment, you need to create a competent office administrator resume.

Office administrator salary

The salary of this specialist largely depends on the amount of work, the list of functions they perform and the status of the employing company.

Where to get training

In addition to higher education, there is a range of short-term training on the market, usually lasting from a week to a year.

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