How can we generate electricity

If you& ve got examine our designated article about electric powered motors, you;ll
already recognize particularly lots how turbines work: a generator is simply an

electric motor working in reverse. If you & ve got now not read that article, you
might like to take a rapid seems to be before reading on— but here is a quick
summary both way.

An electrically powered motor is surely just a tight coil of copper wire wrapped
around an iron core it truly is free to rotate at high velocity inside a powerful,
everlasting magnet. When you feed electricity into the copper coil, it becomes a
temporary, electrically powered magnet—in different words, an
electromagnet—and generates a magnetic subject all round it. This temporary
magnetic subject pushes towards the magnetic discipline that the everlasting
magnet creates and forces the coil to rotate. By a bit of smart design, the coil can
be made to rotate consistently in the same direction, spinning round and round
and powering whatever from an electric powered toothbrush to an electric train.
So how is a generator different? Assume the toothbrush with a rechargeable
battery is electric inside you. Instead of letting the battery energy the motor that
pushes the brush, what if you did the opposite? What if you grew to become the
brush back and forth repeatedly? What you would be doing would be manually
turning the electric motor & ;s axle around. That would make the copper coil internal
the motor turn around again and again interior its permanent magnet. If you
move an electric wire inside a magnetic field, you make electricity float through
the wire—in effect, you generate electricity. So maintain turning the toothbrush
long adequate and, in theory, you would generate adequate electrical energy to
recharge its battery. That, in effect, is how a generator works. (Actually, it ;s a little
bit extra complex than this and you cannot truly recharge your toothbrush this
way, although you are welcome to try!)


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